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Attention parents of 7th-12th graders! 

If you haven't filled out the survey we posted in August - PLEASE TAKE A MOMENT TO DO SO! We need your feedback!!

This confidential survey asks about your 7th-12th grade student's needs and about your own access and exposure to college and career preparation. The feedback provided will be used by our college and career center staff and our GEAR UP Team to help inform our school's efforts to prepare your student(s) for college/career and future success!

Note: Surveys are anonymous but now include an optional space for PARENT NAME so that GEAR UP can help schools keep track of which parents have/not been surveyed. The name will be used SOLEY for this purpose and will never otherwise be shared or associated with their survey data. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please email our GEAR UP coordinator:

Celebrating the excellence of our Dayton JH/SH students is just one of the many rewarding aspects of my job as Principal. Working together as a staff, student body and community we are continually making strides in this new educational arena of remote learning.
As Principal, I encourage all Dayton JH/SH students to utilize all of the resources available to successfully navigate their way through their remote school learning experience. Rest assured that we are building a hybrid model plan within the context of safety to be as prepared as can be for the possibility of a return to in-person instruction when it’s safe to do so.

Mike Solem

 Welcome to Dayton Junior High!

Welcome to Dayton Junior and High School!  We are a small school that strives to provide a positive learning atmosphere for all.  Our talented group of teachers and staff encourage all of our  students to participate in academics, sports, and the community.  Our goals are to provide opportunities for success and to maximize the performance for all of our students.   

The Dayton administration and staff over the last four years have been reimagining education to be more purposeful and empowering for our students.  We believe that all students have creative genius and it is our responsibility to help them find it. We know that the students of today can learn faster than they can be taught, so we are working to create a learning environment that does not put a ceiling on the student's’ potential.  We have developed partnerships with our community and industry leaders to provide a more rich and experiential learning environment by collaborating and harnessing the expertise of others. At Dayton, we are not afraid to fail, because we know that’s where the real learning occurs.

I am the new principal of both the Junior High and High School this year and am excited to continue the work that has been going on at our two schools.   Growing and learning alongside such a talented group of staff and students is what fuels me.  


Mike Solem

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