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Kathryn Nelson-Davis
JH Counselor
Phone | 503-864-2273

Jaime Turley
Family and Youth Counselor
Phone | 503-864-2273

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801 Ferry Street
Dayton, OR 97114
Phone | 503-864-2273
Fax | 503-864-2932


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Belief Statement

Our Dayton Junior High School Counseling Center provides a supportive and caring environment for students as learners. Our Dayton students deserve high expectations to empower them to be their best self. Students can learn and achieve greatness when nurtured in a safe and respectful school community. 
At the DJH Counseling Center we offer multiple types of support.
Individual and group support, with the purpose of developing skills to help students transition to the next academic level. 
We have spaces designed for students who benefit from a short break. Students spend their time to reset and refocus so they can return to learning.
 School Counselors serve as professional advocates for students. As your School Counselor, I believe that collaboration between all school stakeholders is of greatest importance to the success of our students. Working together as a team fosters a positive school/home relationship that promotes current and future success.

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns about your child,
Kathryn Nelson-Davis

Mood Meter station in the JH Counseling Office

Students can sit at the Mood Meter station to reflect on their feelings. The calming process begins when students can identify their emotions.

Corner desk - art station in the Junior High Counseling Center

Students can access our drawing our writing station. I can be helpful to communicate your feelings through more artistic measures. Our counseling centers offers a multitude of supplies and resources to help our students have a successful time in school.